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How long before my exam should I be fasting

Most physicians offices require patients to fast for 12 hours prior to a cholesterol or glucose lab test.

For life insurance lab testing, most insurance companies prefer their clients fast for at least 4 to 6 hours prior to lab test.

Do I need a doctor's order to get a drug test

No. TestPoint can provide individuals and parents with a wide variety of drug tests that can be completed in our offices or at the comfort of your home. All the drug test kits utilized by TestPoint are FDA approved and the results are confidential and provided only to the person requesting the test.

Does the mother of a child need to be tested for a paternity test to be accurate

No. Only the child and the so-claimed father are required to be tested, but the results are even more conclusive if the mother is also tested.

Can we have our DNA Paternity testing done at different times and different locations

Yes. TestPoint has clinics and affiliations with collection facilities all across the country. As long as the DNA samples are sent to the same laboratory for testing it does not matter where you get the collection done.

How long does it take to get nicotine out of my system?

It can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks after even 1 use.

Can I schedule my exam if I am having my menses?

We actually try to schedule around your menses for several reasons, one being weight gain, and second so the urine sample does not show a false positive for blood. If this does happen then the insurance company usually will order a second or third urine analysis sample to be obtained.

Why have you changed your logo?

We have updated our logo to be more fitting of the company's direction. We feel it creates more consistency, it's clean, recognizable and we've defined our colors. Clear results is the mission we live by.

Are you still TestPoint Medical?

Yes, we are; however, we have broadened our services and now offer more than just medical. See our services for more information on what we offer.

Did you get new ownership?

No. We have been the same great company for just over 10 years; we thought it was a great time to unveil our new update. As we expand we wanted more control over consistently representing the company's appearance. You'll see more updates to come; we're excited for what the future holds for TestPoint.

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