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Fear, anxiety and doubt cause more stress in your life when you are unsure who the father of your child is. You need answers so you can move forward with your life. Our DNA paternity test will provide you with peace of mind.

The process only takes about ten minutes and you will receive results in approximately 4 business days. In most instances our DNA paternity test is legally binding in a court of law. DNA testing is great for family relationship tests, adoption tests, and immigration tests that may be required or simply for peace of mind.

DNA Paternity Test Options:

TestPoint DNA paternity test (court admissable): $399.00
(includes child, mother and alleged father)

TestPoint DNA paternity test (non-admissable): $199.00
(includes child, mother and alleged father)

Collection Fee per Person: $25.00

Biologically everyone inherits DNA from each parent. We compare you and your child's DNA with the alleged father's. The DNA paternity test determines with 99.99% accuracy whether, or not he is the biological father.

Scheduling a Test

We have multiple collection sites across South Dakota, Minnesota and Iowa and have affiliations with collection facilities covering all of the United States.

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Our paternity testing offers you:

» Professional services
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» Court-admissable results
» Results in 4 business days
» Mobile collections
» Affordable pricing
» Payment plans

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