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Drug Testing

when quality work is your priority

Employee drug testing is not about invading employee privacy; it is about maintaining a healthy and safe work environment. Employee drug testing programs, such as TestPoint drug testing services ensure the quality of work is not affected by substance abuse.

TestPoint Medical is the Midwest's leader in employee drug testing services. With affiliated collection sites all over the country for DOT and non-DOT drug testing, you can count on our affordable and professional drug testing services.

Affordable Drug Testing Provides:

  • Lowest prices in the area.
  • Walk-in appointments available
  • Ability to provide both DOT and non-DOT drug screens.
  • Affiliation with thousands of collection centers across the country.
  • On-site collections provided following DOT guidelines.
  • Instant testing available for quick turnaround times (non-DOT only)
  • Professional collection sites and staff. (All TestPoint collectors are DOT-certified)

Other situations call for reliable drug and alcohol testing:

  • Post-offer
  • Post injury/post accident
  • Probable cause
  • Random
  • Return-to-work
  • Evidential

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Why? Great Question.

According to the Dept. of Labor, substance abuse costs employers from $75 to $100 billion each year, including on-the-job accidents, increased sick time, healthcare benefits, and workers' compensation filings.

Substance abuse is not limited to blue-collar workers. Nearly a third of drug arrests involve college-educated professionals, and more likely to abuse perscriptions rather than street drugs.

As testing becomes ever quicker and more reliable, it's a smart way to protect your business's bottom line.

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