TestPoint Paramedical Exams

Paramedical Exams

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TestPoint Medical provides a full line of Paramedical services for underwriting purposes. Our affiliations with the country's top providers of examination, medical, and diagnostic testing and data information services give us the approval to do testing for all insurance companies nationwide. We gather essential health information via personal interviews and specimen collections. It is quick and easy, so let's get started.

Paramedical Exam Solutions

  • Paramed Exams

    Paramed Exams

    The paramed exam is completed to gather medical and physical health information for the underwriting process. The exams are completed by trained medical professionals (RN, LPN, LabTech, and Medical Assistants).
  • Physician Medical Exams

    Physician Medical Exams

    When a physician exam is required, Test Point Medical has access to a nationwide team of Board Certified Internal Medicine physicians. (Mobile services available in some areas.)
  • Blood and Urine Collection

    Blood and Urine Collection

    Test Point Medical has a team of medically trained professionals to collect specimens either in-office or at the applicants home or work. All blood and urine specimens are sent to certified laboratories selected by the insurance companies.
  • Saliva Collection

    Saliva Collection

    With advances in technology, it is now possible to test applicants for more things using saliva. A medically trained professional will collect the saliva specimen by placing a cotton applicator in your mouth for a few minutes. The sample is then sent to a certified laboratory for testing.
  • Electrocardiogram/EKG


    Depending on your age or medical history, the insurance company may want you to have an EKG tracing completed. An electrocardiogram is the process by which the electrical activity of the heart is recorded by an EKG machine. Having an EKG tracing completed takes just a few minutes and is painless. All tracings are completed in privacy by medically trained professionals. (All female EKGs are administered by Female Examiners.)
  • Chest X-rays

    Chest X-rays

    Test Point Medical has affiliations with many clinics and hospitals that provide professional X-ray and radiology services.
  • Treadmill EKG/Stress Test

    Treadmill EKG/Stress Test

    This test is not provided on a mobile basis. We will set up an appointment for you at a locally approved hospital or clinic. This test monitors the heart while a person in either walking or running on a treadmill.